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The One Percent Better Podcast

Apr 18, 2021

Today I share a damn good conversation recorded as part of an ongoing weekly series (Sat. 11am EST).

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This week's excerpt features: 

Nick WinkelmanCraig Burgess & Bryan Eisenberg

Three exemplary communicators with drastically different styles. 

In general, Nick polishes, Craig ships with imperfections, & Bryan believes in being present. 

Where do you sit?

In the opening you'll me interviewing Nick, then I open up the mic for the perspective of Craig, Bryan and others.  


  • Believes in asking questions not questioning. There's a big difference, he says.
  • Shares a story about the time he asked an NFL prospect, "How does that feel?" after a drill. The athlete responded, "You're the coach, you tell me." <--This isn't a story about disrespect.  It's about conversation. One of Nick's guiding philosophies is to invite his pupils into conversation. 


  • Believes in one-take videos on Twitter.
  • Likes introducing an element of danger in his presentations
  • Favors spontaneity


  • Believes in knowing your audience and adjusting your style accordingly
  • Coaches clients to be present and responsive 
  • Compares communication to the way athletes perform

Obviously, there is overlap and nuance to be had, but wow... what a damn good conversation.

Reach out if I can be or service.

As always, thanks for listening!