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The One Percent Better Podcast

May 30, 2021

This week it's listener questions!

If you have questions for a future episode head HERE.

Here are the questions I answered today:

  1. (2:17) For recent college graduates feeling the effects of COVID on the job market how do you recommend staying motivated and finding that dream job? Or do you not reach for that dream job and settle for something less?
  2. (6:55) I found one of the hardest things to do as a coach was to figure out how much time needed to be spent with each player. And if I spent more time with a player because I knew it would benefit the team did the other players realize what I was doing?  Thoughts?
  3. (10:11) What’s the difference between episodes you prepare for versus those you’re purely present for (but maybe less prepared)? 
  4. (12:08) If there is one recipe your parents made while growing up that you absolutely loved, but you had to change it today to “upscale” it for a cooking show, what would that recipe be and how would you upscale it?
  5. (15:48) Tell me about the moment that made you fall in love with having great conversations. 
  6. (18:03) How can you appropriately re-direct a conversation after being asked a question that gets you absolutely nowhere? Meta level question: can you unlock better questions from someone with better responses? 
  7. (22:02) How do you feel about sangria?

Bonus: (27:45) Kabobs are evil
Full KWB Radio Episode w/ Sangria Rant

As always, thanks for listening!