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The One Percent Better Podcast

Jul 11, 2021

My guest today has built a digital world of resources for those looking to do their very best work.  Head over to What Drives Winning to dive into all that he and his team have built. 

Brett Ledbetter has been called one of the best question askers in the world. He has interviewed Mike Krzyzewski, Geno Auriema, Jay Wright, PJ Fleck, Mike Matheny, Sue Enquist, Brad Stevens, and many more of the world's best coaches. He has consulted with NBA and NCAA teams as well successful companies and the military. 

He has asked thousands of questions, and has earned deep wisdom. 

Today he passes some of that wisdom on to you.

You can find my work over at

if you are looking to be an even more effective communicator. 

As always, thanks for listening to Episode 192!