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The One Percent Better Podcast

Apr 23, 2024

The 2nd place finisher for this week's episode title was:

Getting Cut 26 Times: How Ryan Lavarnway Refused to Quit on His MLB Dream 

That should give you an idea of how powerful this episode is. Imagine what you can learn about Mindset, Language, & Behavior from today's Damn Good Conversation

I would hit play right now if I were you, but if you are the kind of person who craves details, here is a ton more:

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Former MLB player Ryan Lavarnway joins me to share powerful lessons on chasing big dreams, overcoming obstacles, and finding success through relentless perseverance. Ryan's journey holds wisdom for anyone looking to achieve more in sports, business and life.

Don't Miss:
• Ryan's experience of playing in the Big Leagues and how it exceeded even his highest expectations
• The power of setting audacious goals and not being afraid to lean into "delusion"
• Why you need to get really good at not quitting on the things you believe in
• The key difference between "great" and "elite" is ________________. 
• How leaders like Terry Francona and Buck Showalter get the best out of their people
• Ryan's mission to make an impact by encouraging others to pursue their dreams

Ryan encourages all of us to: 
• Share your dreams with everyone - you never know what opportunities will arise
• Realize the best leaders support their people no matter what
• Use failure and obstacles as opportunities to learn and get better

Ready to dare greatly and pursue your dreams with no excuses? Follow Ryan's journey on his website (, LinkedIn and Instagram (@rlavarnway). And if this conversation resonated with you, share it with a friend or teammate who could use some inspiration to aim higher.  

As always, thanks for listening to Episode 295!


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