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The One Percent Better Podcast

May 26, 2024

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In this episode, we explore the concept of the ".5 question" – a personalized, rapport-building opener that sets the stage for a memorable, engaging conversation. 

I dive into real-life examples from One Percent Better breaking down the key characteristics that make these questions so effective:

- Personalization: Referencing specific details unique to the person you're speaking with
- Variety: Covering a range of topics, from personal to professional interests
- Engagement: Inviting your conversation partner to share their perspective
- Rapport-building: Finding common ground and shared experiences
- Specificity: Demonstrating genuine interest and thorough research
- Lightheartedness: Setting a friendly, informal tone with playful or humorous details 
- Storytelling potential: Referencing specific moments that hint at larger stories or experiences

I also share tips for crafting your own unforgettable .5 questions, whether you're a podcaster, networker, or simply looking to have more meaningful conversations. 

Whether you're looking to uplevel your interview skills, build authentic relationships, or create more engaging conversations, this episode is packed with actionable insights. Tune in and discover how one small question can make a big impact.

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As always, thanks for listening to Episode 297!


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