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The One Percent Better Podcast

Apr 16, 2024

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Josh Spector's Episode

On this episode, I share:

- A personal story of cobbling together a powerful poetry podcast for my high school seniors in under 3 hours
- Reflections on how to measure the impact of creative work, even if audience reactions are unclear
- Liberating mindset shifts around ideal audience size from guests like Seth Godin, Josh Spector and Jon Finkel
- Practical tips on building an audience that truly looks forward to your work

Key Takeaways:
- You don't need a huge audience to make an impact. Focus on delighting a small group first.
- Reframe creative projects as worthwhile even if no one sees them, for the value they provide you.
- Aim for 10 people who would "cross the street" for your work as a starting point.
- Pick one "keyboard" - newsletter, podcast, blog - and consistently create value for a specific audience.

I also mention a special offer to review your work and provide feedback. Hit reply to any email to take me up on it.

If you've been holding back on a creative project because you don't have an audience yet, this episode will inspire you to start anyway. Remember, it's a privilege to share your gifts with the world, regardless of audience size.

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