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The One Percent Better Podcast

Aug 28, 2017

Will Richardson ( has spent his professional life trying to connect what goes on in classrooms to how kids actually learn.  He is a parent, author, and speaker doing his part to shift vital conversations in education.

I sat down with Will in his Modern Learners office in Flemington, NJ. He shared his years of acquired wisdom around how teachers, parents, and leaders, can do their part to improve learning every day. 

1% Better Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • How schools have remained the same for decades
  • The ineffectiveness of homework
  • What Will recommends teacher's say on the first day of school
  • The divide between what we know and what we do
  • How to think about what curriculum to teach
  • The importance of self-directed learning

And so much more.

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Thank you for listening. Please share this with a leader in your life.