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The One Percent Better Podcast

Jul 31, 2017

Dan Pink ( sits down with me to unpack the art and science of motivation.  @DanielPink has written several best selling books, including Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.  In this conversation we discuss how leaders and educators can bring the best out of their people.  

Transcript of the conversation  Here 

Some 1% Ideas from Dan worth sharing: 

"In fact, Teresa Amabile at Harvard Business School has some really great research showing that the single biggest day to day motivator on the job is making progress in meaningful work."

"One of the challenges in making progress whether no matter where we work how we work, is getting feedback on how we're doing."

"There are a lot of people moving around frantically engaging a lot of activity who actually aren't doing anything."

"What Edward Deci says is that motivation isn't something that somebody does to another person, it's something that people do for themselves."

"Human beings have only two responses to control. They comply or they defy."

 "But if I'm a coach and I set up mechanisms and an environment and a context and as you say Joe, information that allows someone to see their performance in a different context and get information on how they're doing and use that to motivate themselves, then that's the best kind of coaching that there is."

"Research shows pretty clearly that "if then" rewards are reasonably effective for a simple short term work but they're not very effective at all for more complex long-term work."

"Every week have two fewer conversations about how and two more why."