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The One Percent Better Podcast

Aug 21, 2017

Few words have been misconstrued more than negotiation. 

Many immediately conjure ideas of manipulation, or smarmy sales tactics. 

Today's guest thinks otherwise. 

Chris Voss' ideas have been featured in TIME, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, Fortune, The Washington Post, SUCCESS Magazine, Squawk Box, CNN, ABC News and more.

Today he sits down with me to help us get one percent better at the art of communication, both professional and personal. You'll learn strategies on how to improve listening, non-verbal communication, persuasion, and negotiation. 

Some 1% Better Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • How Chris defines active listening
  • The power of labeling and mirroring 
  • How to determine if someone is coachable
  • The Rule of 7/38/55
  • The difference between "you're right" and "that's right"
  • How Chris got GE CEO Jack Welch to visit his classroom 
  • Why going second in any negotiation is most effective
  • How to negotiate the best deal when remodeling your home

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