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The One Percent Better Podcast

Nov 14, 2023

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Change happens. Growth is optional.

Today's guest, Brad Stulberg has thought more about mastering change than anyone I know. His new book is Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything Is Changing Including You.

In our conversation, Brad and I get tactical on:

  • How to build rugged resilience when change strikes
  • Responding flexibly when plans or expectations shift
  • The power of living aligned to your core values
  • Why accepting struggle builds confidence
  • The key to being stable through periods of instability
  • Why the shoulder might be the best metaphor for navigating change

Brad brings science, coaching experience, and personal wisdom together. His insights will transform how you navigate change in life and work.

This is a masterclass in staying grounded when facing tests. You'll learn mindset shifts and practices to become a change master.

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As always, thanks for listening to Episode 285!