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The One Percent Better Podcast

Aug 12, 2018

This week I share 10 ideas about how incoming college students can make their experience 1% better.  

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As always, thank you so much for...

Aug 5, 2018

Today on the podcast, it's teacher and author Dave Stuart Jr.

I love Dave's work and have been following his journey for over five years.

We discuss:

  • How to find what Dave calls your Everest and how it applies to your personal and professional lives
  • What six things Dave has concluded matter most when it comes...

Jul 29, 2018

We know the importance of communication when it comes to learning, but this week I talk about one of the forgotten "C Words"-- Curriculum. 

Today I share five beliefs I have about the learning experiences our children should be having. 

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Jul 22, 2018

Today I sit down with world-class communicator Tim Pollard.  He is an author, workshop leader, and teacher who specializes in helping you become a compelling communicator. His company has helped thousands of people transform confusing, dry presentations into thought-provoking, easy-to-follow experiences that drive...

Jul 15, 2018

When it comes to fitness, how do we measure progress?

In pounds lost?


Energy level?



Frankly, I don't know yet. My journey has just begun in earnest. 

I would love to hear your input via email.

What's your secret to getting 1% better when it comes to working out?

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