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The One Percent Better Podcast

Feb 13, 2024

You are not Wayne Newton.

I am not Wayne Newton.

Your conversation partner is not Wayne Newton.

Today on the podcast, I tell you why all that matters.

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Ask questions like a journalist hunting for pull quotes.

At 81 years young, Wayne has more media training than a politician embroiled in an international scandal. That's why when he got two horrendous questions lobbed at him this week, he took the questions and turned them from coal to gold. 

Most people don't do this automatically.

Most people accept mediocre questions and give boring, mediocre answers.

When we are locked in conversations that matter, our questions need to do more.

Listen as Wayne takes close-ended, clunky questions and tells a micro story, adds depth and emotion, and leaves us with a lasting feeling. 

Larry in your department won't do that when faced with a dud of a question.

Unless you use this short cut:

Ask questions like a journalist hunting for pull quotes.

You can't print: "there's no question about that." --Wayne Newton

You can't print: "Yes."

You CAN print provocative, fun, emotional, high-energy quotes that you only got because you asked a damn good question.

The next time you are in a conversation, think like a journalist.

Instead of: "Do you feel like you've kinda become, to some degree, the institutional memory of Las Vegas?"

Ask: "You've become the institutional memory of Las Vegas. What's your reaction when you hear that?"

Instead of: "Do you feel like Las Vegas is being treated like a real American city in a way that maybe it wasn't always in people's minds?"

Ask: "How has Las Vegas changed since 1957 when you arrived?"

I promise you will find gold, even when it's not Wayne Newton you are talking to.

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In the meantime, thanks for listening to Episode 290!