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The One Percent Better Podcast

Oct 3, 2021

Thanks to each and every listener who helped this podcast reach Episode 200. 

If this is your first time here, you've missed some damn good conversations, but welcome. Plenty of time to catch up. I am so glad you have carved out the time to be here.

Regular listeners ... I love you! I might have showed up week after week even if no one was listening, but I sure as heck don't want to find out. If I can ever help you, email me.

Here's the link to thank the man who gave the final push this podcast a reality. Swing by and say what's up?!

HERE'S the Damn Good Questions Course

Finally, here's the place to connect with Molly. Type in the coupon code BETTER to get a sweet discount on an incredible opportunity to huddle up with Molly. Don't miss it.

As always, thanks for listening!